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Saving Odisha's Turtle Beach


Saving Odisha's Turtle Beach: Causes, Rescues, and Hope

A hidden gem named Turtle Beach is located in a peaceful stretch of Odisha’s coast. Beyond the way it looks, however, is a vital goal: protecting nests of highly threatened sea turtles. Let’s explore the causes for their predicament and the brave rescues that raise the possibility of their survival.

Causes of Threat:


Turtle numbers are in danger from illegal poaching for their meat, eggs, and skins.


Turtle health and habitats for breeding are harmed by marine pollution, which includes plastic trash and spills of oil.

Climate Change

Nest habits are being impacted by rising sea levels and temperatures, putting turtle newborns’ lives in danger.

Conservation programs

To protect nest environments and raise awareness, dedicated organisations and people engage in conservation programs

Rescue Centers

Specialised rescue centres rehabilitate injured turtles and hatchlings, providing medical care and a safe environment for their recovery.

How we are helping them

Beach Patrols

Meskp conducts regular patrols along the shores of Odisha, monitoring nesting sites and deterring poachers. Their presence serves as a crucial line of defence, ensuring the safety of the turtles and their precious eggs.

Rescue Operations

When turtles are injured or trapped in fishing nets, Meskp’s team springs into action. They carefully rescue the turtles, providing immediate medical attention and rehabilitation to ensure their swift recovery.

Community Engagement

Meskp takes an active strategy for communicating with communities nearby, educating them of the value of protecting rare turtles and asking their help in doing so. Meskp improves the connection between individuals and turtles through promoting a sense of responsibility and ownership among the locals, leading to peaceful coexistence.

Join Meskp in their mission to protect Odisha’s Turtle Beach and ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures. With your support, Meskap can continue their life saving work, making a difference one turtle at a time

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