Mahila Evam Shishu Kalyan Parishad

Who We Are

A Voluntary Organization

About Us

MESKP is an NGO working since 1984 in the fields of Social,  Rural,  Health,  Education,  Environment, Agriculture, Women and Child Development. We are located in a remote village in Bihar which works for poor people. Our overall goal is the empowerment of people from poor and marginalized communities, thereby improving their lives and livelihoods. We are the architects of the government vision of sustainable development under this umbrella, we have organized various development projects, workshops, training camps and programs etc.



We want a country of hope, tolerance and social justice, where the problem of people is overcome and people live in dignity and security.


MESKP helps reduce social exclusion by accelerating education, health and empowerment for people in rural areas.


Message From Secretary

MAHILA EVAM SHISHU KALYAN PARISHAD is a registered organization under Societies Registration Act 21, 1860 bearing registration number 456/87-88 dated 15-01-1988. The society is working in Darbhanga districts and small villages nearby Darbhanga, which are economically and geographically vulnerable regions of Bihar. The resources in the blocks of these areas face many development problems including critical shortage of drinking water, large wastelands, and poor to marginal agriculture lands, large scale family migration, low literacy rate, and exploitative socio-economic structure, unemployment and generally poor health of the poor inhabitants.

Society is chiefly involved in stimulating development action. MESKP was established to work towards empowering the rural women through SHG formation, training and capacity building with a firm belief that dissemination of knowledge would lead to awareness which ultimately would lead to self-development, confidence building, and empowerment and action orientation. MESKP also works for the socio-economic enhancement and empowerment of women through supporting and nurturing the existing and new livelihood and income-generating economic activities of poor households besides enabling them to work in groups and for the common cause of the community and the society. This is done both through financial and non-financial services made easily accessible and available to women clients on a sustainable basis. MESKP goal is to enable sustained socio-economic security for women from low-income households.

Our Approach

MESKP has significantly changed its programming approach over the years. MESKP is located in a remote village and works for the poor people of Bihar. Because the poor people here are dependent on agriculture or wages and Bihar is flooded for 3 to 4 months, due to which the employment of the people of the villages is lost. They go to other places in search of employment. For all these reasons, they are not able to provide education to their children. We try to help their children in their education.

MESKP has realized that the people of villages suffer a lot due to floods. After the flood, she suffers from many diseases, which we are working to mitigate, helping to keep poor people healthy. After the deluge, there is a lot of unemployment that provides much vocational training to reduce it, helping poor people connect with new technology and help them in employment.

MESKP helps in the environment and rural development to keep the village beautiful. If the environment of the village is right, then the people of the village will be healthy.

Our History

  • 1984

    Shamim Ahmed and Members established the Mahila Evam Shishu Kalyan Parishad in 1984 in Darbhanga district of Bihar.
  • 1985-88

    MESKP surveyed several villages in Darbhanga district of Bihar and formed an organization to find out and eliminate the problem. Organizations registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in 1988.
  • 1988-90

    MESKP is one of the oldest societies in North Bihar and flood-affected areas. We work for the economic and social welfare of women. The organization is working against the evils of society.

  • 1991-95

    This organization continues to organize various awareness camps for primary school and children's education. The organization runs various training centers under the TRISAME scheme such as sewing, cutting, sweater weaving, rope distribution, papad, carpet, candle making etc. In collaboration with CAPART, 3.5 km of road, 50 Hand Pump and Sulabh toilets have been constructed.
  • 1996-2000

    This organization keeps organizing various awareness camps for the education of children. The organization received approval from the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India to work for the manufacture of slippers for the youth and became grand for the creation of 50 poor people from CAPART. This organization works in rural development and is doing a lot of work for rural areas.
  • 2001-2005

    This organization is working in education, health and rural development and also works in flood relief and environment. In 2004, the organization played a key role in flood relief in Muzaffarpur.
  • 2006-2010

    This organization is working in Bihar, RBC Center for Education, Health Checkup Camp in Health and Rural Development. The organization has planted 200 trees to control the environment and is helping to make rural areas green.
  • 2011-TILL DATE

    This organization is running many projects to provide education to poor children of the village and it is our duty to keep students healthy by running student health camps in schools in 3 districts.

Our Objective

Vocational Course

Making students and women self-reliant by creating vocational training and short course phases.

Counselling Centre

The family will establish a counselling centre against atrocities on women and children in society.

Dowry System

Stop the dowry system and compromise with yourself by stopping the husband-wife dispute.

Working Women

Crash planning for raising children of working women.


To arrange a library reading room for the knowledge of any students.


To arrange for female girls to get scholarships for primary, middle and secondary examinations.


To make disabled, widow and old women self-sufficient by arranging chilis and other industries.


To make educated unemployed men and women self-sufficient by arranging small scale industries according to their interest.

Family Welfare

Adopt family welfare programs and establish and operate Datavam Dispensary Maternity Home, Choka Center, etc.

Women's & Child Program

New and old schemes announced from time to time for the all-round development of women by various agencies, Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi / Central Government / State Government will also be run by this institution.

Social & Economic Scheme

Under the social and economic scheme, educated illiterate male and female widows will have to make arrangements for dairy, ottilo, production unit, small scale industry, fisheries, poultry farming and make them symbiotic.

Socio-Economic Programs

To honor the economic, moral, intellectual and social status of the backward members of the society by adopting socio-economic programs.